We are committed to delivering excellent education and training. Our education and training programme is designed to support everyone to understand the connections between mental and physical health, and to support all our staff to feel more confident, empowered and able to provide joined up care which focuses on the whole person.

People may wonder how our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations interact? How depression and anxiety impact chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease? What symptoms should we look out for, and what treatment options and sources of support are available for people dealing with chronic health problems?

Our education and training is designed to answer some of these questions.

IMPARTS Education and Training

IMPARTS offers training to all services who use our package. This covers the technical aspects of how the IMPARTS screening tool works as well and is tailored to the needs of clinical teams. This includes core mental health skills necessary to open discussions around a patient’s mental health needs. Ongoing supervision and support from a mental health specialist (liaison psychiatrist/clinical psychologist) is offered.

We also offer e-learning courses to refresh knowledge or provide an introduction to IMPARTS. See here for more information.

In addition, we organize a variety of education and training events for clinicians, medical students, and the general public. These focus on the intersection of mental and physical health, and how best to adopt an integrated approach to care.

Training For Everyone:

Short course – Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness

This free, 3-week course will relaunch on Monday June 15th 2020.
Exploring the connection between mental and physical health and approaches to integrating care, course participants learn how mental and physical health interact. Through tasks, quizzes, patient statements and dramatised accounts, you will look in depth at the relationship between physical illness and depression/anxiety, and improve your ability to recognise symptoms and sources of help. Whether you work in healthcare, or you are a patient or carer, understanding how the mind and body interact can help you manage the emotional impact of illness more effectively. Find out more or register here

For Healthcare Professionals and Medical Students:

Mind & Body Healthcare: Addressing mental and physical health needs

This interactive resource uses patient case studies to explain how physical and mental health commonly influence each other, and helps all healthcare professionals recognise the additional health needs of their patients, identifying appropriate services to refer them to. It is a valuable introduction to mind and body care, and is free to all Kings Health Partners staff and students. Find our more or register here.

Mind & Body Clinical Skills Course

Provided by the King’s Health Partners Mind & Body Programme, this course aims to equip medical, psychiatry, nursing, and therapies staff with clinical skills to help manage both the physical and psychological needs of patients. Learning with a diverse group of healthcare professionals from multiple settings is an essential element of this day. This course is run approximately four times per year. Find our more by emailing mindandbody@slam.nhs.uk

IMPARTS 5 day Course: Mental health skills for non-mental health professionals

The IMPARTS programme runs a five day teaching course for healthcare professionals working in general hospital settings on key clinical skills in the assessment and treatment of common mental health problems. The course runs one a day week over five weeks and covers the key mental health presentations to the general hospital setting. Teaching is interactive, including role plays with actors, and supplemented by online material. The course can also be offered as a Level 7 15 credit module for people studying for an MSc. Find out more here.