The routine collection of patient reported outcomes in services across King’s Health Partners provides exciting audit and research opportunities. We collect data covering various aspects of mental and physical health outcomes, including: depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug misuse, smoking, physical function, fatigue, illness perceptions, quality of life, and sleep quality.

This provides broad scope for both cross-sectional and longitudinal research and we are able to link IMPARTS data with information held in Electronic Patient Records, meaning that demographic and disease variables can also be examined in relation to IMPARTS data. We have NHS Research Ethics Committee approval for an IMPARTS research database.

The data can also be used for clinical audit, service evaluation and development. There are two different processes for accessing the data depending on the intended usage. If you are uncertain about whether your data request would qualify as research or audit, please see this web page for advice.

If you would like to request access to the clinician access portal for audit or clinical data purposes please complete this form and return to

For full details on research and accessing IMPARTS data, please visit our research site at King’s College London for further information.