How are you feeling today?

Living with health conditions can be hard and affect you in different ways. By answering some questions about your health and wellbeing, your health team can get a better understanding of how you are feeling and coping.

IMPARTS: Integrating mental and physical healthcare: research, training and services

Services across Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospitals use questionnaires to find out how you are feeling. The information you give helps us to give you the best possible care – for your mental and physical health.

This questionnaire is part of the IMPARTS programme. It is funded by King’s Health Partners to bring together mind and body care.

e-IMPARTS: Accessing the questionnaire remotely and securely on your personal device

With e-IMPARTS, you can complete the questionnaire online on your own personal device (for example, your smartphone, laptop or tablet) up to 24 hours before your appointment. A link to the questionnaire will be sent to you in your text message appointment reminder.

Your answers will be sent to the healthcare professional you have an appointment with. The information from the questionnaire is confidential and used to help your clinician give you with the best possible care. We may ask you to complete the questionnaire again when you have another appointment with us, so we can check how things are changing for you.

You can also complete the questionnaire in-person, using a tablet in clinic if you chose to do so.

What do I need to complete the questionnaire?

  • A good connection to the internet on your personal device.`
  • Any web browser (for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on a desktop or laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Your hospital ID (for King’s patients) or NHS number (for GSTT patients) on hand to log-in. You can find your hospital ID number on your clinic letter which you may have received by post or by email. In the images below you can see where to find your hospital ID number on your letter.
  • You can find your NHS number:
  • The questionnaire will usually take 5-10 minutes to complete.

How to get started

1. Click on the link in your text message appointment reminder.
2. Type in your information and click the Start button at the bottom of the page.
3. Click on the Next button at the bottom of the page to start the questionnaire.

4. You can view which page you are on in the bar on top of the page. For example, here you would be on page two:

5. Complete all questions on the page and click on the Next button to move on.
6. You can also go back to the previous questionnaire by clicking the Back button at the bottom of the page. Please note: do not click the “Back” button on your browser as that will return you to the log-in page.
7. At the end of the questionnaire, you will see a page confirming that you have completed all questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is e-IMPARTS secure?

  • The online questionnaire is secure and encrypted.
  • Your answers are confidential and are stored as part of your electronic health record.
  • Some personal information (for example, usernames) is stored on the device being used. Please be aware of this – particularly if you are using a public or shared computer.

How is my data used?

  • The only people who can access the information you give are the healthcare professionals involved in your care. The clinical team can look at the data from their group of patients in your clinic to help them plan for their future care.
  • We might use your information anonymously in research projects. If you do not want us to, please tell your healthcare team or email This will not change the way you are treated, or the care you are given. To find out more about how your data will be used, read our research privacy statement, available HERE.

Can I decide to not complete the questionnaire?

  • Yes, it is up to you to complete it or not. However, completing the questionnaire before you come to see us gives us more time to talk to you at your appointment and will help us deliver the best possible care.